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DCD Productions understands more than anyone how the world changes on a daily basis and being an innovative leader takes serious focus. Working with dynamic brands we create the identity, products and campaigns to capitalize the changing technologies, business models, demographics and global trends through video production & marketing.  We have shot content and drone cinema for projects with : Netflix, Superchannel, Telus TV, iTunes & more....

Carey Missler
Founder and CEO

Carey Missler is an award winning Film Director, Producer & Internet Marketer born in Kelowna, British Columbia. In April of 2015 Carey was awarded the “2015 Award of Excellence” at the Canada International Film Festival, for The Paddler Movie, he wrote shot and directed. Carey also won the 2015 “Spirit” Award at Toronto International Beaches Film Festival. The TBFF Spirit Award goes to the filmmaker, documentary or documentary subject who most demonstrates the “Indie Spirit”, through pride of film production, promotion of film, marketing, audience engagement and producing a memorable contribution on film. Carey has worked with many global brands. Carey's first movie “The Canadian Surfer movie” received world wide distribution rights and broadcasted globally in 60 countries and on the commercial airline-Air Transat. Carey has been fortunate to work on many award winning productions including his latest movie "The Paddler Movie​" which is now airing on the Nautical Channel, Outdoor TV and just released on Apple iTunes in 2018. Carey marketed the Paddler Movie through a successful Kickstarter Campaign to Theatres globally and now released on Apple iTunes. Currently you can see some of Carey’s work airing on TV Globally including: The Fight Network, Super Channel, Telus TV, Neflix, iTunes, Outdoor TV, The Nautical Channel and more.

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